Transforming raw materials into finished goods takes technical precision, collaboration and quality assurance that we are known for in design and fabrication. Our comprehensive manufacturing process provides the construction, environmental (EPA) and industrial industries with the products needed to take their manufacturing business to the next level.

Product Development

Working closely with your engineering and industrial design team, we understand the processes required for the production and integration of a product’s components. By participating in the design and planning phase of product development, we assist in the goals and objectives and provide technical expertise.

Project Timeline

We control the quality of products from raw material through delivery, bringing added value to your company. From scheduling, budget constraints, quality control and timelines, your project goals and objectives are the driving force of our management process.


Once planning details are completed and confirmed, we can design an accurate 3D computer rendition of the component using 3D Solid Works, CAD, and other software programs. Then we can quickly fabricate an accurate full scale model of the physical part or assembly.


Taking your prototype to the final product development, we offer diverse component fabrication services using Lean Manufacturing practices to ensure you receive the maximum amount of effectiveness from your product.

We employ Lean principals in fabricating:

  • Prototyping
  • CNC Machining
  • CNC Plasma
  • Tube Bending
  • Structural Steel


Our customers learn they can count on us to meet our deadlines. Delivery is built into our Project Timeline management process, so you can guarantee to receive your product as promised with the customer care you deserve.

Manufacturing - Tube Rolling

Sheet Metal Rolling

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