G-FORCE has been noted for the exceptional quality of their work in commercial, manufacturing, and custom projects. In fact, their clients have consistently named G-FORCE as the number one metal fabrication and design in terms of quality, service, and design. With 30+ years of experience in design and fabrication of metal and concrete projects, G-FORCE is guided by the philosophy of meeting customers, determining their needs, and supplying those needs. Led by our founder, Allan Gordon, we practice the values of honesty and integrity in everything we do. Our mission is our focus, to provide the best products and services we can.

As concrete and steel design and fabrication specialists, we have the experience and reputation to meet the demands of just about any project.

Aluminum Table

Welding for Aluminum Frame

“I have used G-Force for a couple different welding projects now, the last project was a particularly big aluminum pickup head that had some really critical measurements and design tolerances. Allan and his crew did a great job of welding the aluminum frame, when we sent it to the customer for the final assembly and install, everything fit perfect.”

~ Donald O.

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